Yoga for Healthy Aging

Deeply relaxing morning yoga ideal for seniors & 50+

Enjoy simple seated & lying poses that are intentionally led at a leisurely pace ensuring it is soft & accessible to everyone

Yoga ideal for seniors & 50+ to look after your body, keep your mind sharp & continue to live well.  Ensure you are in great shape to fulfill all those ambitions, sports, activities & travel plans.

Feel good in your body, lift your mood, relieve aches & pains & boost your energy.

Morning Yoga

Time Thursday 10.45 - 12.00
Location Shanti Home
Rue Darwin 8, 1190 Brussels

Getting older, the tissues of your body start to dry out & get tighter.  With yoga you gently move & intensely stretch your tissues enough to boost your body's ability to rehydrate itself.

If you would like to read more about how yoga helps rehydrate your body, Bernie Clark explains it in a straightforward, no-nonsense way.


Improves balance, stability & circulation, making you feel stronger

Gently stretching your body opens up areas of stiffness & allowing movement to feel effortless

Improves your mood with deep, conscious relaxation

Stimulates your joints to produce the hydrating fluids needed to keep joints healthy & mobile

Works your bones & tissues to trigger regeneration

Who can do it?

Firstly, this class is intentionally led at a relaxed & slow pace ensuring it is accessible to everyone.  It is specifically sequenced for more mature bodies & there is time to learn about what you are feeling & ask questions.

Secondly, there is no such thing as being good at yoga; it's not a performance & there are no perfect yoga poses, not in this kind of yoga.  There's only comfort, relaxation & a focus on what you are feeling  as you work on what your body needs.

  Also, poses are individually varied & adapted to your unique body & ability so it doesn't matter how flexible you already are.  If you work with what you've got you will still get all the benefits.

What is a class like?

Based on simple Yin Yoga poses, this is a soft & deeply relaxing sequence of poses that we do sitting & lying on the mat.  Therefore, there is no need to get up & down or balance on one leg; we also avoid poses on the knees so it's ideal if you have issues with your knees.

We use bolsters & blankets to support your body in each long-held pose, making you very comfortable while you work on a particular area of the body.  In addition, we hold the pose for 2 - 5 minutes allowing the pose time to work its intense & vital magic on your body.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to listen to your body & enjoy what feels right for you because only you know how it feels.  We take the time to focus on feeling the changes in your body after each long-held pose.

What to wear & bring?

It's a good idea to wear clothes that you are comfortable in & allow you to move.  Since you won't be working up a sweat, you can bring layers to put on in case you feel cold; maybe a long-sleeved top & socks.  In Yin Yoga, when the body goes into regenerative mode, you may feel cold.

If you have your own mat you are welcome to bring it.   However, all the mats, blankets & yoga equipment you'll need are available in the class; no need to bring anything but yourself.

Often, it is lovely to have an eye pillow or a scarf for over your eyes at the end of the class as you sink into Savasana.

Class Prices

  • Trial Class = 10 Euro
  • Drop-in per Class = 15 Euro
  • 5 Class Card = 65 Euro
  • 10 Class Card = 120 Euro
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