Private Lessons

Yoga at a time & place that suits you

In the comfort of your home, a one-to-one lesson or gather a few friends together

Who can do it?

Yoga poses can be adapted for any level so no need to worry about what you can & can't do.  Yoga is very personal so you will get the benefits from movement, deep breathing & relaxation whether you move a little or a lot.

Make it easy for yourself to get motivated & get moving

If you don't feel ready to go to a yoga studio yet or you can't manage to squeeze a public class into your schedule, then a personal lesson at a time that suits you is a good option.


Positively change your energy levels, feel better in your own body & enjoy an increase in focus & calmness.

Have time to learn how to adapt each pose so it is best for your unique anatomy.

  With the focus completely on you, your understanding of what you are doing & why you are doing it means your progress is often faster than in a public class.

What is a class like?

The luxury of a private lesson means we take the poses as fast or slow as you need. We can mix active poses with more relaxing poses, depending how you are feeling that day.

You can ask questions if you have them & we can take time to understand what you are feeling in each pose.

 I'll assist you while you are in the pose so you experience the full benefits of stretching & strengthening your body.

Would you like to know more?

We can talk through the options that suit you best.