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Who can do Yin yoga?

Firstly, Yin yoga is subtle & deliberately slow, it is very accessible for all ages & abilities.  Really, we don't care how the pose looks from the outside, only how it feels for you & the benefits you are enjoying.  In fact, two people can be doing the same pose & look completely different from the outside.  Since both are working on the same body area & every body is different, it doesn't matter how it looks.

In effect, this type of yoga is great for anyone who wants to completely relax.  By getting into the deeper tissues of the body in these long, slow holds, you are giving your body & mind the time to let go, unwind & melt into a conscious state of bliss.

Overall, Yin yoga is a great complement to your other sports & activities because it stimulates healthy, hydrated joints & releases tension & knots.

This deeply relaxing class of long-held yin yoga poses takes place every Thursday evening at the beautiful Shanti Home.

Newcomers are welcome at anytime & will easily be able to follow the class.


Time Thursday 19.30 - 21.00
Location Shanti Home
Rue Darwin 8, 1190 Brussels

All mats & materials are available to you at the Shanti Home so you don't need to bring anything but yourself!

The class is suitable for complete beginners to long-time Yinsters.

Class Prices

  • Trial Class = 10 Euro
  • Drop-in per Class = 15 Euro
  • 5 Class Card = 60 Euro
  • 10 Class Card = 100 Euro
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