Yin Yoga

Relax your body so you can relax your mind

Release stiffness & tension, calm the nervous system, reduce stress hormones

Who can do Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is great for anyone who wants to destress the mind & do something for the body.  Yin yoga complements your other sports & muscle strengthening activities by focusing on your joints & connective tissue (fascia).

Yin yoga is subtle, deliberately slow & very accessible for all ages & abilities.  You really don't need to be flexible or twist yourself into a pretzel to get the benefits.  Since the human body varies so greatly from person to person, what you need to do to enjoy the benefits & feel good in the pose will most likely be different from the person on the mat next to you.

In Yin yoga , we don't care how the pose looks, it's only ever about how it feels for you & you getting the benefits from the pose.  There's no such thing a perfect pose so you don't need to be "good" at yoga.

Time 18.00 - 19.00
Location Radiant Light Yoga
Rue Saint Quentin 36-38
1000 Brussels (Schuman area)


By stimulating the joints, your body produces hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid of the joints, keeping cartilage healthy & joints mobile.  You take time to stress your body's connective tissues in a positive way which loosens tightness & knots.

Yin yoga uses the weight of the body in long-held, static stretching to compress & open up a particular target area of the body.  The tissue is stimulated to release any contraction or tension so your body regains space & range of motion.  Incredible relaxation comes from the combination of working deep tissues & calming the nervous system.

What is a class like?

Less is definitely more in Yin yoga.  Your challenge is to see how much you can let go & completely relax  your body while still feeling the mild to moderately intense stimulation of each area of the body that we target.

Poses are supported with bolsters, blocks & blankets to make your body as comfortable as possible so that your muscles can relax, which allows the connective tissues to stretch & release tension.  We find the sweet spot in each pose & hold it for 3 - 5 minutes, giving your body the time to open up & the mind a chance to rest.

What to wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move & bring layers such as a long-sleeved top & socks.  In Yin yoga, when the body goes into regenerative mode, you may feel cold.  If you have an eye pillow, it can be very relaxing to use for Savasana.  Blankets are available.

Good to Know

Aim to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts so that you have time to lay out props & get settled.  People use the time before class to relax or meditate; please enter quietly & enjoy the peaceful energy.  Avoid eating in the 2 hours before class or keep it very light.

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