Where do you do your best thinking?

Out for a run, up a mountain or on a boat?

Ideas often come when you are not trying; when your senses are stimulated in different ways

We all run from one thing to another, no time, constantly switched on & glued to the phone.  When do you balance this? How do you clear your head to spark new ideas?

Give yourself a little downtime to get more out of your day!  Get your head out of a screen & put things back into perspective.

Who can do yoga?

Anyone who wants to do something to feel better in their own skin & unwind.

You don't need to be flexible at all to feel the benefits; you'll be surprised how little it takes to notice a difference.  You can profit physically & mentally from the movement & breathing whether you do a little or a lot.


Yoga is basically a moving meditation that makes you feel great.

You switch off the persistent brain stimulation that's coming at you from everywhere & give your mind a chance to declutter itself & refocus.

You counteract the effects of sitting all day e.g. compression of your lower back.  By moving your body in all directions you decompress your spine & open up parts of the body that are tight & short.

You let yourself recharge by releasing tightness in the  body to allow energy to flow freely.

What is a class like?

A fun mix of dynamic Ashtanga yoga poses to get you moving, build strength & completely forget you are in the office.  Balanced with super-relaxing Yin yoga poses to de-stress & release tension.

Poses & class sequences can be adapted to what people want & time of day.


06.00 - 08.00 Yoga before work
12.00 - 14.00 Lunchtime yoga
17.00 - 19.00 Yoga after work

If you have shower facilities in your office, we can do active, strength-buidling poses at any time of day.

Otherwise, a sequence of long-held passive stretches will de-stress & work muscles & fascia without the need for a shower afterwards.


We want people to feel relaxed & able to focus on themselves, so a meeting room with some privacy is perfect.

The size of the space depends on the number of people; you can estimate 2m² per person.

What to wear?

Wear comfortable active-wear that allows you to move.  No shoes needed - yoga is practised barefoot so that you can you can feel the ground beneath your feet.  Bring an additional layer such as a long-sleeved top & socks for the final relaxation poses.



Special Events

Incorporate a yoga lesson into your teambuilding day,  your wellness-at-work initiative or as part of your plan to support transitional challenges within the workplace.

Would you like to know more?

I would be happy to discuss the best options for you & your team.